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People wo talk during good music.

People always talk at the most inopportune times. Well...that's a bit unfair for me to for most people any talking is fairly inopportune...however that is besides the point.

People always talk at the most inopportune times.

You see, at work it's "Totally Eighties Weekend" on the only radio station we play, which assures mostly the crappiest music from the decade gets played multiple times in a row. I'm alright with it, however, seeing as it's a nice change of pace from the crap they play day in and day out, and the occasional Billy Idol or The Clash songs can be really gratifying.

Well,today a bunch of noisy Jr. High students decided to come in and talk as loudly as possible in the middle of "Rock the Casbah."

Now what is a greater sin than being a Jr. High student? Perhaps one who interupts quite possibly the ONLY song that I want to listen to.

I stared them down for a minute, only to have them speak LOUDER until the song was over. I missed it. I missed my damn song.

Those bastards...


So when they ordered sandwiches I made them pay...

Kid: I want some olives on that sexy lady...
::Giggles from his cohorts.::
Me: No. Problem. ::puts one olive on the sandwich::
Kid: Uh...more.
::I put another one on::

This continued for some time until finally they gave up and left.

They played crappy music for the rest of the night.

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