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slacker_jacks's Journal

Slacker Jacks Playhouse
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Hello all you crazy cats out there, and welcome to Slacker Jack's Playhouse! This community has been designed for the soul purpose of complaining about and making fun of all people and things annoying! Yes, believe it or not, a community has been devoted to all the things we love to hate. What fun, what glee! Oh GOD THE HUMANITY!

But yes, I trust that precious hours that should be spent doing homework, work, or perhaps chores will be wasted here as we all complain about the things that chap our ass.

There are community rules, however:

First off, no whining. All entries are to be humorous in manner and anything less gets you a razz and a boot.

Second, if the thing you are complaining about is human, then let them know. This place is a playhouse...aka...slaughterhouse for those who cannot defend themselves. If they are as annoying or stupid as you say, they won't be able to defend themselves. But please, give the kids a fighting chance.

And third, if you're not having fun and lack a sense of humor about yourself and others, leave. This is NOT the place for you...if you can't take what you can dish...you deserve to be posted about on our site, not posting on...

Stories, poems, and other creative jabs are welcome provided that they're funny in nature and excoriatingly true. The more original the razz the better, but honesty (well...at least SOME honesty) is necessary for this community to be truly...uh...enlightening? Sure, let's go with that...

With that said, folks, let the games begin!